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Norah Head Lighthouse Reserve Land Manager Board

Norah Head Lighthouse Reserve Land Manager Board was appointed by the NSW Minister for Lands. Members of the community who are appointed to Reserve Management boards undertake a valuable and responsible role in the management of community facilities and Crown Reserves. Land Manager Board members are empowered to make decisions regarding the use and management of the land and are responsible for the implementation of those decisions. Members of the Board are appointed for a term of up to five years. At the end of their term members can be re-appointed, but are not necessarily guaranteed re-appointment.

The Norah Head Lighthouse Reserve Land Manager Board consists of seven (7) members with a Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. It also has four ex officio members representing the Department of Lands, Central Coast Council and the Central Coast Area Consultative Committee. Ex officio members have all the rights and responsibilities of other members. They can speak and vote at meetings and can be elected to executive positions. The Manager Board also calls on the services of an Hon. Solicitor and a Grants Officer, who are not members of the Board. All Board Managers, ex officio Members, the Hon. Solicitor and the Grants Officer, are volunteers. The Manager Board meets once per month on the last Thursday of the month.

NHLH Risk Management Plan

NHLH Risk Management Plan

Mission Statement

Dedicated to the preservation, conservation and management of the Norah Head Lighthouse Reserve.

Aims and Objectives

The Norah Head Lighthouse Reserve Manager Board has a Plan of Management and a Conservation Management Plan prepared in accordance with the NSW Department of Industry – Crown Lands Act 1989 (CLA89). These plans provide a strategic framework to guide and direct decisions of the Norah Head Lighthouse Reserve Manager Board. There are ten policy statements in the Plan of Management:

  1. Conserve and manage the cultural significance of the place and in doing so enhance that significance;
  2. Conserve the setting and landscape of the place;
  3. Conserve the ecology of the place;
  4. Conserve the archaeological and Aboriginal value of the place;
  5. Conserve the significant built fabric of the place;
  6. Conserve the significant interior fabric of the place;
  7. Conserve the movable heritage of the place;
  8. As a place of significant environmental and cultural heritage, retain the site in public ownership;
  9. Optimise public access and land use consistent with the conservation of the place;
  10. Encourage tourism, cultural and recreational uses of the site having due regard to the conservation of the place.

The Norah Head Lighthouse Reserve Manager Board adheres to the above ten policies.

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