No vehicle access to Reserve beyond Bush Street Roundabout on 7th July 2019

Closures: Norah Head Lighthouse Carpark

The Whale Dreamers Festival will be held at the Norah Head Lighthouse Reserve on 7th July 2019. As with previous years, the Reserve expects 5000 to 6000 Visitors onsite over the course of the day. No vehicle access will be available during this time beyond the Bush Street Roundabout. Festival goers can take a stroll from the Bush Street Roundabout, or have the option to use a shuttle bus to the Lighthouse. Buses will pick up from the roundabout.

Created by a passionate group of locals the festival brings the community together to raise awareness of the plight of whales and funds for conservation and research projects about whales. By attending you are actively participating in their conservation. Bring the family along for all the free entertainment and activities. To learn more go to the Facebook page: WhaledreamersPage/

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