Norah Head Lighthouse Book

Norah Head Lighthouse

© 2022 Written & Illustrated by Tony James

Discover the fascinating history of Norah Head Lighthouse with our new 112 page, hard cover book, written and illustrated by accomplished architectural draughtsman Tony James. From its opening in 1903 to its electrification in the sixties and automation in the nineties, this book is filled with heartwarming stories, quotes from old newspaper articles, and stunning artwork. Learn about the unique Fresnel Lens that saved sailors, cargoes, and ships, and see the positions of all recorded shipwrecks on the coastline between Barrenjoey and Nobby’s Head lighthouses. With illustrations on nearly every page, this superbly detailed book is a must-read for anyone interested in maritime history. Don’t miss out on this unique insight into Norah Head Lighthouse!

Available to purchase online, or directly from The Stables Shop or the Tower at Norah Head Lighthouse. All proceeds from the sale of the book will assist volunteers in maintaining the Norah Head Lighthouse Reserve and preserving the heritage of the still-working lighthouse.

The book is available at our own Norah Head Reserve Shop and Tower for only $60.00

Book about Norah Head Lighthouse

An accomplished architectural draughtsman, Tony James volunteered as a tour guide and then wrote and illustrated our book of Norah Head Lighthouse. It is dedicated “To the Lighthouse Keepers and their families for their invaluable contribution to Maritime safety”.

Norah Head Light was the last manned lighthouse to be built on the NSW coast. The book’s stories show its first people, its opening in 1903 with three keepers, sixty years without electricity, war ships and shipwrecks; with quotes from old newspaper articles, with heart and humour, you won’t be disappointed. We celebrate her 120 years of service.

The superbly detailed book has illustrations on nearly every page. It presents a history of the Lighthouse from communicating with flags before radio, and when the lamp only had a kerosene flame; to the sixties when the Lighthouse was electrified, and then totally automated in the nineties. It shares the positions of all recorded shipwrecks on the coastline between Barrenjoey and Nobby’s Head lighthouses.

Fresnel’s lens, made by Chance Bros in Birmingham UK, focused the lamp to save sailors, cargoes and ships, making it possible for countries to trade safely. Tony’s meticulous and stunning artwork of the workings of the watch mechanism rotating our unique Lens in the lantern room, complement the enlightening text about how each unique Fresnel Lens works.

From the visible 270 degree span of the Tasman Sea coastline between Sydney and Newcastle at the top balcony, the light warned sail ships away from the invisible shipwrecking reef stretching from Birdie Island to Soldiers on the Central Coast of NSW. There are other books with a range of lighthouse characteristics. There is only one with the unique insights of Norah Head Lighthouse. We hope you enjoy reading it.

Norah Head Lighthouse Book

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