Norah Head Lighthouse Reserve Manager Board

Appointment of Manager Board

Pursuant to Section 93 of the NSW Department of Industry – Crown Lands Act 1989 the following persons are appointed as members of the Board for the Reserve Manager Board commencing on 23rd March 2018 and expiring on 22nd March 2023, by Paul Toole MP Minister for Lands and Forestry.


  • Neil Rose
  • Colin Paulson
  • Joy Groves
  • Laraine Sheehan
  • David Irving
  • Ian McNaught
  • Doug Darlington


Ex-Officio of Central Coast Council Stephen Ashton

Executive Members of the Manager Board

The inaugural meeting of this Manager Board was held on Monday 9th April 2018. The elected Executive Members of that Manager Board are:


  • Chairperson Neil Rose
  • Vice Chairperson Colin Paulson
  • Secretary David Irving
  • Treasurer Colin Paulson


The Norah Head Lighthouse Reserve Manager Board is a non-profit organisation, therefore is administered by Volunteers, all income is directed towards the upkeep and preservation of the Norah Head Lighthouse Reserve and all the buildings. Donations from people or companies committed to the on-going preservation of the Reserve would be greatly appreciated by the Manager Board.

To contact a member of the NHLH Manager Board, please email:

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