Full Moon Tours of the Norah Head Lighthouse

The next tour is scheduled for SUNDAY 9TH FEBRUARY 2020

7:30pm & 8:15pm and 9:00pm

Following is the schedule for 2020:

Saturday, 11 January 20208:09 PM8:42 PM7:30 PM8:15 PM9:00 PM
Sunday, 9 February 20207:54 PM8:08 PM7:30 PM8:15 PM9:00 PM
Tuesday, 10 March 20207:19 PM8:00 PM7:00 PM7:45 PM8:30 PM
Wednesday, 8 April 20205:40 PM6:05 PM5:30 PM6:15 PM7:00 PM
Thursday, 7 May 20205:08 PM5:13 PM5:00 PM5:45 PM6:30 PM
Saturday, 6 June 20204:53 PM5:18 PM4:45 PM5:30 PM6:30 PM
Sunday, 5 July 20204:59 PM4:56 PM4:45 PM5:30 PM6:30 PM
Tuesday, 4 August 20205:17 PM5:45 PM5:00 PM5:45 PM6:30 PM
Wednesday, 2 September 20205:37 PM5:34 PM5:15 PM6:00 PM6:45 PM
Friday, 2 October 20205:58 PM6:14 PM5:45 PM6:30 PM7:15 PM
Sunday, 1 November 20207:23 PM7:54 PM7:15 PM8:00 PM8:45 PM
Monday, 30 November 20207:50 PM7:42 PM7:30 PM8:15 PM9:00 PM
Wednesday, 30 December 20208:09 PM8:24 PM8:00 PM8:45 PM9:30 PM

The Norah Head Lighthouse and its surrounding reserve is an icon of the Central Coast and over its 116 year existence has played a significant role in the protection of the NSW coastline.

To celebrate the 116 year milestone the Norah Head Lighthouse Reserve Land Manager Board is offering the unique opportunity for the public to experience a fully functional lighthouse plus climb the 96 stairs to the lantern room to experience the light beam doing its 30 second rotation.

For each scheduled night there are 3 tours each of 20 people planned.  Tours are available at a ticket price of $20.00 each person payable by credit card at time of booking (no refunds). Flat soled shoes must be worn for the tour. Tickets will be allocated to the first 60 callers for each date and are available by phoning Tracy – Reserve Manager on mobile 0452 564 102.


Norah Head Lighthouse Tours

Step back in time to feel what it was like to be a Lighthouse Keeper at Norah Head Lighthouse. Climb the 96 stairs and enjoy the 360 degree views from the tower balcony. Marvel at the optics prism and imagine polishing the 700 lenses of the prism. Learn about the duties of a Lighthouse Keeper. Learn how the light was originally operated, compared to how it works today. Hear the stories of shipwrecks in days gone by.

Operating Days and Times

  • Operating hours are from 10:00am to 1:30pm (last tour on weekends 3:00pm).
  • Norah Head Lighthouse is open for tours every day of the year (except ANZAC Day and Christmas Day).
  • Duration of the tour is 15-30 minutes.


Children 6 – 17 years$5.00
Children under 6 yearsFree
Family 2A + 2C$20.00
Group Booking 10+$5.00
Pre-booked School Groups$4.00

Payments accepted: cash, EFTPOS, Visa and MasterCard

Extra Information

  • Bookings for under 10 people are not required as tour guides are always available to conduct your tour.
  • The tour covers information about the Lighthouse Keepers’ duties, the history of the lighthouse, local shipwrecks, anecdotal stories and Aboriginal culture.
  • Public toilets are available on the reserve.
  • Norah Head Lighthouse welcomes all groups for guided tours, such as school groups, day care groups, vacation care groups, seniors, club groups and overseas tour groups. We can cater for all your needs.

For further information and/or bookings, please contact the Norah Head Reserve Managers on:
0452 564 102
and they can assist you with any enquiries.

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